Appropriation is a performance art intervention against cultural genocide.

“We agitate towards collective disruption of the dehumanizing forces attacking Indigenous existence. We seek creative and direct ways to stimulate aggression against the spectacle of settler colonial order. We manifest to negate colonial existence, to destroy what destroys us.”


Appropriation is the act of taking without consent. It is an act of dehumanization. Cultural appropriation occurs when the appropriator has experienced their own cultural death and are driven to spread that urge by feeding off, or cannibalizing, existing ways of being. Under colonial occupation, the vibrant living existence of those who colonizing forces could not brutally extinguish becomes objectified and extractable, it is an act of total consumption of Indigenous being, an extraction of Indigenous existence. It is the colonizer’s primordial capitalist urge. 

We’re not interested in woke settler colonizers making better costume choices while our lands and bodies are being violated. We ask, how do we bring about the death of the living dead? How do we kill colonialism?

implicate yourself.