Noise. Art. Action.

Appropriation is a performance art intervention against cultural genocide.

This is a music/art project that challenges the idea of stages & the staging of actions.

This is an invitation for collective disruption of the dehumanizing forces attacking Indigenous existence.

There is an album, which is attached to a musical project that urges for a connection beyond the trappings of industrial audio production. So, we don’t want to sell you a thing or an idea. We want to stimulate aggression against the spectacle of settler colonial order.

We celebrate our contradictions & thrive in the space between creation and destruction.

We manifest to negate colonial existence.
We invite settler colonizers to embrace their social/collective destruction…

The cannibalizing of Indigenous cultures by living dead settler colonizers is the nightmare reality of ongoing Indigenous genocide.

Appropriation is the act of taking without consent. It is an act of dehumanization. Cultural appropriation occurs when the appropriator has experienced their own cultural death and are driven to spread that urge by feeding off, or cannibalizing, existing ways of being. Under colonial occupation, the vibrant living existence of those who colonizing forces could not brutally extinguish becomes objectified and extractable, it is an act of total consumption of Indigenous being, an extraction of Indigenous existence. It is the colonizer’s primordial capitalist urge. 

When our ways of being have been ravaged by genocide, when our very beings have been ripped apart and restitched in the ongoing process of surviving intergenerational trauma, cultural predation resumes the brutal dehumanization that fulfills the death of Indigenous existence, which is the very definition of genocide.

Whether it’s our minds, bodies, spirits, or sacred lands, violation and exploitation first becomes permissible in society through dehumanization. From #MMIWGT2s to sacred lands desecration for a pipeline, border wall, or ski area, when we are viewed as less than human our abuse is not an exception, it’s expected. Columbus’ so called discovery, racist mascots, or a hipster in a headdress and hyper-sexualized costume, these are the violent white supremacist acts of exploitation and dispossession of Indigenous existence.

Successive generations born from colonial violence don’t temporally distance themselves from the graves of our ancestors, their ongoing occupation means that our ancestors spirits will always be compelled to haunt. The imagination of suffering through “hell” has driven religious colonial forces to manifest their fears upon this world with immense terror. This is part of the curse of colonialism, that our ancestors will never fully be able rest until colonialism has met it’s end, until it is consumed by it’s fears. In other words, until it colonizes it’s own hell.

We’re not interested in woke settler colonizers making better costume choices while our lands and bodies are being violated. We ask, how do we bring about the death of the living dead? How do we kill colonialism?

Appropriate in hell.

Destroy what destroys you.