Dear Colonizer,

It’s been a while since we last talked I suppose. Or more clearly, since you actually listened. But that hasn’t really been the problem now has it? I don’t really want to spend too much time diagnosing you, you actually do that quite well. The more you tend to deny certain actions and behaviors, the more you tend to their pattern and illustrate your proximity to them. And as you continue to reap the rewards of a history of brutal violence–much as you writhe and convulse–we just aren’t ready to let you off the hook.

We talk of respect and you say your racist caricatures are “honoring” us.
We talk of historical trauma and you say that it’s in the past.

We talk of consent and you say it was implied or that your side has been justified by either God or Darwin.

We talk of privilege and you deny the existence of unearned rewards for the violent legacy that you owe your very existence & social stature to.

We talk of accountability and you distance yourself from the actions of those who produced you.

And so we are done talking.

Fuck you and the ship your ancestors sailed in on.

This letter is to announce the time of dull knives.
This is the time of severing tendon and flesh from bone.

Wear a headdress and find out.


– Appropriation